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Six killed in Nato helicopter crash

A Nato helicopter crashed in southern Afghanistan, killing six members of the international military force, the US-led coalition said. The coalition did not disclose the nationalities of those killed in Thursday’s accident but it is understood no British service members were among the dead. The coalition said that there was no enemy activity in the area at the time of ...

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Salman Rushdie not to attend Jaipur Literature Festival

SHARE AND DISCUSSTweetSalman Rushdie will not attend the Jaipur Literature Festival, a director of the event told media on Friday, after protests from some Indian Muslim groups who called for the controversial author to be banned from entering the country. NEW DELHI: Salman Rushdie will not attend the Jaipur Literature Festival due to securiy reasons, organisers of the festival said ...

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Mystery grows over body parts found in Hollywood

Los Angeles: Police combed the hills below the famed Hollywood sign for more human body parts on Thursday as the mystery deepened surrounding the discovery there of a severed human head, feet and hands. Authorities believe the decapitated head and other body parts came from the same victim. The head, hands and feet were found separately this week in the ...

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US lawmakers flip on piracy bills amid online protests

Some members of the US Congress switched sides on Wednesday to oppose anti-piracy legislation as protests blanketed the internet, turning Wikipedia dark and putting black slashes on Google and other sites as if they had been censored. Content providers who favour the anti-piracy measures, such as Hollywood and the music industry, were scrambling to win back public opinion and official ...

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Details of his vast personal fortune trail Romney

CHARLESTON, S.C.-Under duress two days before the pivotal South Carolina primary, Republican front-runner Mitt Romney acknowledges he has part of his millions invested in the Cayman Islands, although his aides say he never used the location as a tax haven. Neither Romney nor his campaign are providing details, including how much he has invested there, or why, or if any ...

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Pakistan PM to appear in Supreme Court

AFP – Embattled Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani appears before Pakistan’s Supreme Court on Thursday to face contempt of court proceedings that could see him convicted and disqualified from office. It is only the second time that the court has initiated contempt proceedings against a sitting prime minister, plunging Gilani’s weak government deeper into a crisis…

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