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Cuba May Seek Permission To Re-Enter The OAS Fold

CaribWorldNews, SAN PEDRO SULA, Honduras, Thurs. June 4, 2009: After 47 years, Cuba could be readmitted to the Organization of American States.

A vote by acclamation on Wednesday by members of the OAS gathered at the 39th general assembly in Honduras saw members supporting a move to re-allow Cuba to seek permission to re-enter the body.

However, Cuba must first request permission and enter into a dialogue with the relevant organs of the OAS. The dialogue and the decision rendered by the OAS must be in accord with the practices, purposes, and principles of the OAS, the resolution said, adding that the fundamental instruments and documents in the OAS, like the Inter-American Democratic Charter, will be the guiding documents as the OAS engages with Cuba.

The resolution was a based on a resolution presented by U.S. Secretary Clinton Tuesday, following extensive conversation and negotiation with a number of partners.  US officials insisted that the decision still required Cuba to make democratic changes before rejoining.

Cuba was suspended from the OAS in 1962. On Tuesday, former head of state, Fidel Castro, has stated that `Cuba is not the enemy of peace, or reluctant to exchange or cooperation between countries of different political systems, but has been and will be uncompromising in upholding its principles.`