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The Pleasing Unpredictability of the NFL

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. Sept. 12, 2018: One of the best things about professional sport is the way that it’s never completely predictable. Of course, there are some amazing analysts and pundits out there, but even the most studious, worldly experts can sometimes be caught out because one never quite knows how it’s all going to play out.

This is certainly the case with the NFL. When you have a league on such a large scale the results can be very surprising. Think about it like this – you’ve got 1,696 players all told, divided amongst 32 clubs, all of which play 16 games throughout a 17-week period. No wonder it’s hard to make accurate predictions. As rookies gain confidence and veterans get injured, the whole scene can completely change over the space of just a week or two.

New York Giants

Take the New York Giants, for example. Now, this is a side that nobody is expecting too much from this season, but they’re definitely worth watching all the same because you never can tell. It’s true that when it comes to defense there’s still nothing there to feel too confident about. However, with a strong offense that includes the likes of Odell Beckham and Sterling Shephard to balance things out the Giants could certainly be going places. As number 3 in the list of NFL teams that could surprise in 2018, we’re clearly not the only ones who think the Giants might pull something out of the bag in the coming months.

Philadelphia Eagles

Having won the Super Bowl last season, in February of this year, you’d think that the Eagles would have a good shot at the trophy again this time round. However, as the winner that no one was expecting last season, things could go either way for the Eagles. On top of that, there’s the strange phenomenon of “winner’s hangover” for them to contend with: that psychological condition that winning athletes and teams sometimes experience in which they don’t have the motivation to go and do it all again having already achieved their goals. If you’re placing a bet, you might want to go against the trend and bet against the Eagles.

Denver Broncos

Yes, the Denver Broncos are a team to keep your eye on. With a roster profile coming in at the opposite end of the spectrum to the Giants, defense is the Broncos’ strong suit. If they can make their presence felt early on then the Broncos could well be on for a good campaign against what are generally fairly low expectations. In particular there’s Chris Harris, Von Miller and the promising rookie Bradley Chubb who will want to make his mark on pro football and start building a reputation for himself. If unfavorably ranked QB Case Keenum can find it in himself to really take a grip of this team and drive these broncos along, then they could

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